Wednesday, December 3, 2014

DIY: How To Make Your Very Own Foundation Soufflé in Two Simple Steps

So I just came up with this today evening. I'm sure this has been tried before by a bored person, but I like saying I kinda invented it because I really just did. :P I didn't find a how-to like this before although I did find many home-made foundation DIYs involving organic and herbal materials. DIY is awesome but frankly, all these tutorials I collect simply end up being nothing more than a Pinterest board. Who else is lazy like me? This post (or perhaps this blog) is for you.

So, how to make your own foundation soufflé?

It's very, very simple. Let me tell you first that I am pretty new to makeup and skincare in general. My makeup routine simply consisted of eye-liner and lip balm once upon a time. Eventually it came down to just eyeliner until recently I decided to indulge some more and more importantly, take care of my skin.

I have always hated using anything liquid (unless it's for washing/cleansing). So I hate lotions, moisturizers and liquid foundation/makeup. I have been lately using the Lakme Absolute Mattreal and I love it because it practically melts into one's skin and I use it whenever I head out. What I like most is the texture which is neither liquidy/pasty nor too powdery but right in between. This is exactly the texture that you can achieve through my simple tutorial.

What you need:

1. Your preferred moisturizer or body lotion. I used Vaseline Healthy White for my foundation.

2. Any talcum powder.

3. A small compact container.

4. Ear buds.

Two-step tutorial:

1. Mix your moisturizer and talc in the container in equal/proportionate quantities.

2. Stir well until you get the desired texture.

Now it really is as simple as it sounds but when I tried it first time, I mixed in small quantities until I rounded in on the exact texture I want. Make sure it's not too thick else, may get patchy on the skin and applying it will be a pain. After I finished with the blue I dunked the rest of the lotion into the pink box and this time the process got over real quick.

So here it is, a super simple 2-step recipe to a custom homemade foundation soufflé. Which can be used anywhere on the body, not only the face! I used mine and got a really nice glow. Take this with you and use it as a quick makeup routine on the go. It's far healthier because it's just plain old moisturizer and talc! Use this instead of wipes because wipes refresh you but do not make you look alive. 

How did you like this tutorial? Comment below and let me know how you made your foundation. :)