Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vintage shoes
on etsy

Christian Louboutin Tortoise Patent Leather Peeptoes

These are total femme fatale shoes! Lust.

Okay, I don't know whether these funkalicious beauties are from the 70s, but they do remind me of the decade and evidently, the 70s are my favouritest!

These are another pair of noir femme fatale type shoes which are just SO classy!

Who doesn't like the simple minimalism of navy colours?
Mauve Slingback Heels

Is it possible to ignore something that's mauve?
Purple Pumps with Bows at Heels

I chose this one plainly because of the sheer brilliance of the colour and simplicity in design.

Now do you why I love the 70s?
Beverly Feldman Stilettos

Incendiary is the word!
70s Rare Platform Boots {Never Worn} {Free Shipping Worldwide!}

Okay, this is my most favourite plus it's from the SEVENTIES!! Seventies, FTW!

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vintage urban renewal said...

Thanks so much for featuring my "funkalicious winklepickers". They bode from the 80s.