Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Ever since I came across the film's intriguing poster and of course the interesting Tumblr campaigns, I have waited for the time I can get my hands on Stoker. The whole aesthetic made my designer eyes go all excited.

So, I finally watched it, last night. At first, I was under the assumption that Stoker set in England during the colonial times when names like India was common among girls. The outfits, decor and the atmosphere around the Stoker residence made me feel so. But I think it was all done on purpose, to separate the protagonist and her space from everything else. The art direction, cinematography, costumes, make-up and all props are first class.

But Stoker is set in present time, in the US. The movie is about the quiet and visibly sinister looking India Stoker who becomes even more reclusive after the demise of her father whom she is very close to. India wears cardigans and skirts from what looks like the 1950s. Enter Uncle Charlie, the creepily handsome brother of her dad who didn't seem to exist until now. And of course, bad things start happening.

In some ways, which I cannot clearly articulate, I wasn't greatly impressed with the film. Maybe because Nicole Kidman barely had a role there and because I watched the film with a lot of expectations. The single most spectacular scene is the piano sequence played by both India and Charlie.

But I would highly recommend a watch solely for the handsome Matthew Goode and the film's kinky heroine. 

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