Saturday, January 26, 2013

baroque love

Germany based Helen Sobiralski breaking grounds with her Baroque-inspired photography. See more here.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let's be angry.

I think there is no need to begin this post with a background information on the Nirbhaya rape case that has created ripples throughout India reaching its every corner. I was in my native town on 29th night, having dinner at someone's place when I received the news of her death. Then I couldn't ignore the constant bickering of several media dinosaurs and other personalities. After a point, I muted the television.

I am not a complete cynic. I agreed with certain statements made. But wait a second, did rape happen yesterday? Rape is something that has existed since the beginning of time. We read about rape cases everyday. Then what's the reason for such a sudden avalanche of fury? Is it because the victim in question was not only raped but also tortured to a point that left her battling for her life and eventually failing? Does that mean it is okay to rape a woman but not okay to try to kill her at the same time? Will we see a million candle lights protesting if the woman in question had not suffered grievous injuries? What if the woman in question was a prostitute? What if the woman was from an under-privileged background?

The question is why can't we be angry always? Why can't we protest when a father rapes his daughter? Why can't we get enraged when an uncle molests his niece/nephew? Why can't we be furious when a husband rapes his wife? Why should we tolerate the day to day sexual harrassment we face? Why do we analyse rape cases instead of fighting for justice? Why do we naturalize the act of rape? Why do we categorize rape? Why is there a hierarchy in acts of sexual abuse?

I honestly did not follow up this case extensively. I read one article where it was announced that they are taking Nirbhaya to Singapore for treatment. In the same article they have mentioned two or three times that they are taking her to the same hospital where Rajnikanth was treated for a different illness. Like, what the bloody hell? Why is this information even remotely relevant in this situation? Is it for the people to know that the government is actually giving a fuck? A woman has been brutally raped and tortured and there's no saying where there's hope for her to live a normal life again, and the government is offended by the fact that people think they are negligent and don't care. They are elegantly multitasking by announcing how much they care about rape victims and showing photographs of wheeling the rape victim in question into ambulances and the interior and exterior of Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

I don't condemn the protests and the rallies. Better late than never. If this most horrific case of inhumanity brings in serious reform in the law and in society, we can at least say that Nirbhaya did not suffer in vain. How many more have to die in order to wake up this nation that sleeps while it's women live in continuous fear?