Sunday, December 9, 2012

I want to publish a magazine.
b begins

I want to publish a magazine. It has been a dream of mine for many years. When I joined the internets, I saw a plethora beautiful PDFs magazines being published. I wanted to make such a zine, featuring the arts, design, culture, film, writing, photography, music, anything done independently. But then I didn't have the Photoshop skills to curate a zine. Now I do! I want to curate, and design it entirely. The idea right now is to publish it three times per year, an April issue, an August issue and a December issue. Why not monthly? Because I want to do it all by myself and I need time to do it as perfect as possible. Later on, if I get any less busier, or if I decide to give all my time to it, then it might be become monthly and even printed. Well, a girl can dream. As of now, I want to make a free (yes!) downloadable PDF magazine.

I would be thrilled to receive contributions for this zine. Although, made in India, and my primary idea is to promote people based in India, contributions from anywhere are welcome and I won't give preference contributions based on location.

What can you contribute?

writings (poems, stories, non-fiction)
illustrations (collaborations are more than welcome!)
artwork, craftwork
design of any kind at all
yes, you can send a write-up about your new venture, a shop, boutique etc.
have you designed a cool app?
do you have a cool new blog?

you name it!

The idea is to publish creativity. A small but a creative idea is most appreciated.

But I haven't told you the most important thing. What's the name of this zine, to begin with? It's called B. With a period, yes. The first issue is called Birth. The theme is beginning, new ideas, ventures and adventures. Send your thoughts, suggestions, ideas and contributions via this form.

Waiting to hear from you.


PS: No matter how "weird" you think your work, it's worthy of submission. Only thing is what you submit, must be something you really worked on, and something you really value.

Note that write-ups will be edited before publishing. Edited, not rewritten and yes, with your consent. :)


subu said...

Best wishes for your new zine! If there are any worthy matter from my blog you are free to adopt them!

Dhaval D said...

Hey I have quite an active blog with short-stories and some non-fiction stuff, would like to contribute to your magazine. But not sure if it's worth it, don't know exactly what you are looking for.
Also where and how to submit?

Rathee Iyer said...

The link to where to submit is given in the post. :) Let me what you want to exactly submit.