Monday, October 15, 2012

some fithy shit

One of the covers of this book reads,"This is a book you will either love or loathe". Which is correct. You will find two kinds of people who have read this book, those who love it and those who are disgusted by it. I consider myself fairly unbiased. So, I would say I am something in between. I certainly don't love this book. I don't completely loathe it either.

The book to begin with was too much, even for me. And it took me quite a while to finish reading the book. Partly because, I don't get much time to read and partly because, I really needed a breather after the n number of nauseating narrations in the book.

I am not the epitome of hygiene. I related to a number of instances narrated by Helen Memel, the protagonist. The whole thing about keeping your vagina dry and clean and all that. A vagina is not supposed to be dry all the time to begin with. But then, she said some other things too, like rubbing your pussy all over dirty public toilets, drinking puke, eating pus, wearing transparent tights over the blood dripping from between her legs and then munching on the dried up blood, spreading bacteria (it's okay if done minimally, not in way she does in the novel), causing serious self-harm WHAT THE FUCK? Wetlands is clearly a journal of eccentricity and insanity reaching empyrean levels.

But then, I did like some other things she talks about, like, making holes in your underwear and giving birth to avocado and sterilising herself. These things did fascinate me, I gotta admit. The narration is generally hilarious, but the protagonist's constant reference to herself is kinda tiresome and not very funny.

I am not very surprised that Wetlands turned out to be an international best seller. I mean, I am pretty sure a lot of people bought this book expecting it to be a very agreeable (like I did) and then ended up reading something that's far from what they anticipated.

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