Monday, October 15, 2012

searching for inspiration
Lanterns & Chandeliers

I am going to design a product which involves surface embellishment and I was searching for ideas online. I though of making jewellery boxes or notebook covers, but I stumbled upon fabric chandeliers and I was completely taken by the idea. I then realised that the chandeliers I came across don't leave much room for embellishment as such. Embellishment can be done but will be very time-consuming. Hence I have decided to do something similar: lanterns. My idea is to make triangular, prism-like lanterns in different sizes using silk cotton or silk and doing silk painting and bead work on them. I want to keep the work minimal but prominent and striking.

Photos: a beautiful mess, green wedding shoes, ruffled, art & bob, gleeful things, clara basiliskos, adaura, riandpi, ninemsn

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