Wednesday, August 15, 2012

in my room

Since we have moved to a new home in a new city, weekends and holidays are occupied by various relatives visiting our home. One nice thing about such visitations is the delicious food prepared by my grandmother. You can see the juicy rasa vadai above. I can live on that. I love rasam, generally, especially the kind without any dal, just the spicy rasam powder. I also love sambhar made of freshly ground powder. Nothing is more relaxing that quiet embroidery work by the window during sunny mornings. I bought some beautiful threads to work with. This a finished sample of satin embroidery. You can see the fishbone, brick long and short and padded satin stitches. This was the applique sample I was working on. A tip: Use a pillow or cushion while working with felt or thick material. I elongated my thrifted anklet with brass safety pins. What a kitsch bitch! New earrings!! They are just made of plastic. I have collection of pretty paper boxes like these from Sharjah, UAE. The country is full of awesome thrift and discount stores filled with kawaii stuff like these. I love Elle 18 Nail Pops! These cute things have a lovely variety of colours and come at 50 bucks each.

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