Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gadget Diaries
indiblogger contest entry

To speak the truth, I'm not a gadget person at all. So I guess, I'm really participating in this contest just to win the laptop. Because even though I always prefer computers to laptops, I need one now. And my mom will be  impressed if I win one.

Although, I am not a gadget freak, I am attracted to cute USB drives, I have a new appreciation for touch phones, especially the Samsung Galaxy series and I dream to have a camera collection one day. My mobile budget is sadly not more than 5 grand, so I had to settle for an Acer E110, which I fell for in the first sight, I should say.

So, let me tell you the story of how I got my new cellphone. I lost my old phone, a Sony Ericsson w350 on a fateful day - my birthday. Then I was left with an ancient Nokia for 4 months. I should first let you all know that I use phones mostly to listen to music. I have to always listen to music. I really loved my old phone. Not much after the flap broke, but still.

I never really wanted a touch phone. Though they are fabulous, they're a pain in the ass. Especially, when you're perspiring. I had a bad time handling my friends' iPhones at a wedding. I wanted a QWERTY Nokia phone, those classy white ones. But ultimately, I decided buy the Acer one. It is a really cute model, deep blue, and a simple Android interface. A basic smartphone, convenient for me. Plus, I was getting it half the original price. I think that makes it evident that it's not exactly a smart choice for a smartphone, though an economical one. The phone doesn't have Bluetooth, I'd have to download it from the website, the saleslady said. Otherwise, it's cool. Though it wasn't really a smart choice, I was really taken by the simple looks. I fooled around a bit saying how the phone really "speaks" to me and that this is how I'd look like if I were a phone till my mom okayed it. I always go for stuff other people don't.

Anyway, I like my phone, not really so much in love with it anymore. Either way, I would probably change it after a year or two. Or perhaps lose it? I am not really a serial loser of phones, though. But I don't whine about my rather lousy choice because I hardly use the phone. I spend most of my time with the computer, designing blogs, blogging, tweeting, browsing and watching movies.

My desktop wallpaper choices vary. I had a picture of a chubby cute baby before, so adorable and endearing it was, made me really maternal and all.
Now I have this.
I used to use Smashing Wallpapers before. They are really, really awesome. Otherwise, I use lovely stock photos, of flowers, nature, landscapes, you know the kind. I once also put up a close-up of my sister's nose as the wallpaper, just to annoy her.

I had a really sexy USB drive, sleek and black with shiny sparkles. I misplaced it. No, I probably lost it and I like to think that I misplaced it. I have no idea how and I still dream that it's just lying in a corner of the house, I'll get it back some day.

I don't wear watches, I used to though. All 90s kids like me, go through a phase in which they dream of owning awesome watches, then there is a phase when they just get watches as gifts but they aren't really into it that time (they have moved on to other things like cellphones or iPods, or like me, just got over it). That happened with me too. I got a number of pretty watches during my early teens. Since the evolution of cellphone, nobody really needs watch to see the time, it is just an accessory. So, I don't use it. Besides, I'm really not or need to be time conscious as of now.

I don't use hair dryers either. It was all really cool initially, but hair dryers ruin your hair. It doesn't really take much time for hair dry up if you roam around in a room with a fan for 20 minutes.

Images from We Heart It and SXC

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