Friday, January 28, 2011 has an evil twin
the (un)coveted

So how many of you forgot to type the hyphen and landed at The Selby for closets this week? One thing that always surprises me about people who do copycat business online is that they have absolutely no shame or sense of dignity. The "creators" of The(Un)coveted claim that they have never heard of Jennine Jacob's blog when they had the audacity to actually add her to their mailing list! Moreover they have the nerve to say that "no confusion can or will result between a personal blog and a website featuring interviews and insight into fashion personalities and their influences".

First of all, Ms. Jennine Jacob's blog is not just a personal blog. It's a phenomenon in the fashion blogosphere. She blogs about the industry and the quality of her writings and imagery in the site are top class. It's not some wannabe fashion obsessed person's tacky site. By the using the same title and nearly same URL, the administrators of TheUncoveted are clearly making use of Ms. Jacob's popular online identity. After all, she's the founder of Independent Fashion Bloggers. And the claim these TheUnCoveted folks make that they had no idea ever existed is just plain nonsense. Jennine is one of the most influential online fashion personalities. She has given a platform, a community and recognition to ten thousands of fashion bloggers all over the world. I'm from India and I have known IFB since early 2008. TheUnCoveted people are clearly trying to gain quick popularity at Ms. Jacob's expense.

I have gone against the wise advice given by Eva Domijan of Dressful, but I had something to say and I can't shut up. Besides I couldn't sign the online petition because of some random problem

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